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Basic skills all job seekers need

If it sounds cliché to say that you’re a people person with great communication skills, a problem solver that’s computer literate, and that you’re able to adapt to a variety of different situations, you’re right. But these are also some of the most basic skills that all employers look for wen hiring new talent.


Here’s a quick look at some of the most basic skills we all need in order to land the job of our dreams


People Skills

If you get hired (in any profession), you’ll be dealing with people regularly, so it’s important for professionals to be able to interact well with others. If you’re shy or introverted and this is an issue for you; you’ll have to practice the craft until you perfect it.


Communication Skills

If you’re unable to verbalise your ideas and thoughts, you’ll find it super hard to make any real progress in your career. Communication skills are about more than just being able to use language; it’s also about adapting your communication style according to who you’re talking to. If you’re keen on improving on this skill set, you need to value yourself and your own opinions and work on overcoming barriers like low self-esteem that might keep you from properly expressing yourself.


Problem-Solving Skills

There has never been a job that’s “black-and-white”. This means that there will always be challenges along the path to career success. To help you overcome these challenges, you’ll need to have the ability to solve problems and come up with proper solutions under pressure. You can work on your problem-solving skills by staying open to new ideas and looking at problems from an unbiased standpoint and weigh up the pros and cons before making a final decision.


Computer Skills

Every single business out there has their feet in the digital real in one way or another, so sufficient computer skills is an absolute must for all job seekers. In SA, we’re gaining momentum in the online universe, so it’s essential that you have adequate knowledge and experience with things like Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer. If you’re not already in possession of these skills, it’s time you take a basic computer literacy course.


Now that you’re aware of the basic skills that all job seekers need in order to find a job, it’s time to start taking action and proactively find that job. Whether you’re looking for something in the financial sector or something more along the lines of marketing, you can count on Adzuna to assist you in this regard. After all, Adzuna is the online job aggregator that job seekers trust to help them find their perfect fit.