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Dressing for a job interview: Tips and Tricks

Dressing for an interview can be a make or break point for landing the job of your dreams. The same rule applies to your exit interview.

Job interviews can be super stressful because you have a limited time to show your best qualities to a total stranger. On top of being able to talk the talk, you also need to look the part in order to ace the interview. To make things a little easier, we’re giving you some tips on dressing for an interview. Here’s a quick guide on how to give the best first impression!


Tips for dressing for an interview

Match the company culture

Companies in the creative industry and startups generally have a more relaxed dress code than the big corporate companies. You might look way overdressed if you show up in your finest suit. The same applies to showing u to the head office of a multinational finance firm in jeans. It’s always a smart move to check out the company’s culture by scrolling through their social media pages. Once you get a feel for what their employees wear, you can just try your best to match that.


Don’t go big with accessories

Accessories that distract from your personality can do much more harm than good. Sure, that special tie you got for Father’s Day might show you’ve got some charisma, but you’re supposed to be remembered for what you said in the interview, not what you wore.


When in doubt, go for conservative

Regardless of what the company’s dress code policy looks like, dressing for an interview rarely means “dressing down.” Always keep things neat and sophisticated, but ensure your clothes fit well so you can look and act your best.


And apply the same rule to your hairstyle, please

If you’re a guy with a beard, make sure you wash and trim it the morning before your interview. Your hair should be neat, clean, and conservative. You may not dress like this every day, or even once you land the job, but you’re more likely to be taken seriously when you present yourself in a professional manner and look like you really paid attention to the smaller details.


While it might be okay to dress more casually for the second interview, you still have to look professional. It’s always better to be too dressed up than too casual. Dressing the part shows self-respect and respect for your interviewer as well as the company.