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Top paying TEFL destinations

South Africans that want to teach English abroad can make a lot of money if they head over to the right locations. In fact, most TEFL candidates earn double that of the average South African teacher.Right now, the majority of South African teachers make about R27,000 per month if they’ve got heaps of experience. But doing TEFL in a country like China could easily see you making up to R41,000 per month!


According to The TEFL Academy, English teachers can earn sizable salaries in countries like Kuwait (R39,000 per month), United Arab Emirates (R45,000 per month) and South Korea (R32,500 per month). So what is the best place to do TEFL? Here’s a look at your options


Best locations to teach English abroad

China – R41,000 per month

China is a great destination to do TEFL since it offers very competitive salaries depending on where you’ll live and teach. Living costs here are also among the lowest and you can live on between R18,000 and R27,000 per month. This means you’ll have a lot of cash to spare, even if you’re living a very comfortable life. In 2018, the Chinese embassy awarded 1,200 visas to South African teachers for TEFL purposes, which goes to show that it’s a job in high demand.


United Arab Emirates – R45,000 per month

Salary packages for people that teach English abroad in the UAE ranges between R45,000 and R70,00 per month depending on experience and qualifications. Keep in mind that teaching in the UAE, like on most other Middle Eastern countries, does mean you’ll have to meet rigid requirements and be certified along with having several years of experience. The most popular teaching destinations within the UAE is Dubai and Abu Dhabi, world-class cities that are often compared to Disney World for adults.


Kuwait – R40,000 per month

Another hot destination within the Arab countries is Kuwait. The country is home to a large variety of international schools, which means job opportunities are plentiful for English teachers. Although Kuwait might be a desert country, the city itself is a buzzing destination that boasts modern skyscrapers, green parks, clubs, shopping galore and a very vibrant expat community. Starting salaries for TEFL teachers range between R33,800 and R52,000 per month, tax-free. You’ll need a qualification and valid TEFL certification to teach here, especially if you’re shooting for the higher salary ranges.


South Korea – R32,500 per month + housing

The salary expectations for TEFL in South Korea is anything from R32,500, but you’ll probably also get free housing as part of the deal. The country is amazing to explore and as far as TEFL is concerned, South Korea is like a unicorn in a field of horses. Some employers will also cover some (or all) of your flight costs and throw in overtime and bonus pay. If you want to live this dream, you’ll need to have a three-year bachelor’s degree and a TEFL or CELTA certificate.


Now that you know what’s on offer out there, why not start browsing Adzuna’s listings today? Your dream teaching job might just be a click away!