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Three sectors in tech set to grow

tech careers

Despite the looming uncertainty surrounding IR4, there are about 13,000 tech jobs up for grabs in South Arica. The undeniable truth is this: jobs in digital and tech at more than twice the rate of those in non-tech sectors, and it doesn’t look like the demand for these skills will decline any time soon.


There has never been a better time to land a job in tech. With SA facing a skills shortage, it really is a job-seekers market. If you possess the most sought-after skills, you’ll be able to demand a bigger salary with some of the best tech companies in South Africa today.


So which are the fastest growing sectors and where are the job opportunities right now? Here’s a look at what we found:



Roughly 10% of SA’s GDP consists of the financial services sector, and with fintech (financial technology) on the rise, it’s one of the fastest-growing job sectors in the world, never mind the country. Fintech stretches across a broad spectrum of skills and services, all of which are related to the design and delivery of financial services. Regardless of whether you’re looking to take on the role of financial analyst or you’re aiming for something more “back of house” like a software architect or developer, the job opportunities within this sector are there for the taking.


Cyber Security

More and more businesses and becoming web-based. From retail to healthcare, organisations need security solutions more than they ever have as security breaches become more commonplace. Modern hackers are using sophisticated was to disrupt and bring organisations to their knees, which is why the need for skilled cybersecurity employees is also on the rise. If you’re an IT professional with a background in cybersecurity, your skills will be in highest demand in the near future. Some of the most widely advertised jobs in this arena include application security, cybersecurity, network security, cloud security, penetration testing and data security.


Big Data

Big data is set to get even bigger as businesses and society moves towards connected data. What exactly is big data you might ask? Well, it refers to the process where vast amounts of data is collected and analysed, which can provide organisations with insights to help shape strategy, services, and the ever-so-important customer journey. It’s been said that there will be more than 50 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020, which is a LOT of data to process. And that’s exactly where the big data experts step in. the average salary for an expert in this field now stands at around R650,000 per year, but given the lack of skills out there, experts are commanding as much as double the average wage.