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Here’s how to transform your career in 2020

Job satisfaction is something that all of us strive to achieve in our careers. We’d all love to be able to solve problems more effectively, and whether we transform ourselves to become better at our current job or perhaps so that we can move up in the corporate ladder, the ability to change the way we think and perceive our reality is ultimately what will help us achieve that goal. Want to learn how to live a more balanced, fulfilled life and really transform your career? Read on to find out how.


1. To transform your career, you need to up the ante in the creativity department

It can be tough to use creativity as a way of solving problems, especially if you’re predominantly left-brain oriented. Whenever we’re faced with problems, we need to take a breath, take a step back, and allow our right-brain to take the lead for problem-solving.According to research done at Indiana University, we might be more creative and become better at problem-solving when we put some space between ourselves and our immediate problems.

How do you create some space between you and your problem at work? Well, you change your perspective, because the further away you are from a problem (a.k.a the threat), the easier it becomes to solve it, almost like a 3rd person scenario.Try treating your problems like they are not YOUR concerns, almost as if you were trying to solve a problem for a friend. This should give you space and time you need for creativity to kick in and help you solve it.


2. Redesign your career

It might seem like an easy option to get out there and search for a new job that offers you all the perks you expect from a dream job, but it’s often much easier said than done. Instead of trying to find a new one, why not try fine-tuning your career?

You can start making small changes, focusing more of your energy on creating opportunities where your duties are in line with your abilities and your skills. Try to implement this idea when you’re feeling energized and positive and who knows; you might just end up with even more control over what goes on in your career life.


Can I transform my career by redesigning my perception of it?

The answer is yes, but you need to be intentional about it. Be clear on what changes you plan to make. Grab a piece of paper and a pen, and then jot down everything you would like to change about your career. What is your current working methodology? What kind of work do you do? What is it that you’d like to focus on this year and which aspects of your job most appeal to you?

  • Trust yourself enough to give it a shot – You’ve written down the things you’d like to change in your career, but before you can start working on those changes, you have to get over the idea of learned helplessness. What is learned helplessness? It’s when people have become conditioned to the point where they don’t believe in their own worth anymore. They believe that regardless of the amounts of effort they pour into something, nothing will come of it. But you have the opportunity of turning this situation around. YOU get to decide what will make YOU feel more appreciated, what will drive you in your career.
  • Inspect the ripple effect of the changes you plan to make – How will changing certain aspects of your career life impact your job as a whole? Whenever you’re redesigning your career, the wins have to be double-sided for everyone involved, including yourself, your co-workers, the company you’re working for, and of course, your clients.


Once you understand how powerful your mind is, and how it may be affecting your career life, it just makes sense that a positive mental attitude and some small adjustments around your job duties may mean the difference between a good career and an extraordinary success story. You can make changes to your job. You can have a more fulfilling career life, and once you start believing in your own abilities, you can go above and beyond just working to live and living to work!