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Skype interviews and Covid-19. Here’s how to nail your remote interview!

Skype Interview

With the rise of infections of the coronavirus, web-based interviews are becoming more and more prominent. This means that most job seekers out there will need to know how to handle themselves during virtual interviews. Skype interviews are just as (if not more) important than face-to-face interviews, and to get them right, you need to deploy the same key aspects you’d use in a regular, in-person interview.

If you’re freaking out over possible Skype interviews, we’re here to tell you that there’s no need to sweat it. Adzuna’s got you covered with hot tips and tricks to help you ace that virtual interview.


Top tips for successful Skype interviews

Prepare your environment in advance

Instead of heading over to a prospective employer’s office for the interview, your house is now the formal setting where you’ll be answering important questions. You need to decide where you’ll do your interview. It needs to be a presentable space that has a reliable internet connection too.


Ensure your Skype makes you look the part

Before heading in to do the virtual interview, double check your profile to make sure you look like the perfect candidate. If it’s not clear who you are, this is the best time to change your Skype username. Your profile photo needs to be professional, almost like the one you use for LinkedIn.


Do a trial run with friends or family

Conducting a quick call with a friend or family member can help smooth out any glitches like camera angle and microphone sound quality. There are no re-takes here, so everything needs to be in order before you do the actual interview.


Don’t forget about those notes

Hiring managers love it when candidates are well prepared for interviews, and Skype interviews are no exception to the rule. It’s important to have your notes in front of you so that you can touch on the most important things, but don’t let the employer see your notes. As a side note (pardon the pun), notes can be handy, especially during a Skype interview. But reading a scripted interview from your stack of notes? Not such a great idea. You want your interview to have a natural flow, not sound like it’s been rehearsed. Reading from notes can disrupt the natural flow of a conversation, which can make you seem less-than-prepared for the interview.



Get up, dress up and then show up

If you dress the part, you’ll act the part too. Skype interviews are not informal. They’re just remote. You still need to look professional for them, so make sure you wear a nice shirt or blouse that portrays the image of professionalism. Even though it’s a virtual interview, you still have to look decent during the interview. Not only will it make a great impression on the hiring manager, but it will also put you in the right frame of mind for the interview.


Keep your head in the game

Make sure you’re looking into the camera during the interview instead of observing your own image on the screen. You need to look as engaged as possible and want to give the hiring manager the impression that you’re looking into their eyes, hence, keep staring at the camera.


To err is human, and apparently, so are technical issues

If any technical issues happen to creep in during the interview, don’t freak out! The interviewer should be used to some glitches with video interviews, so it’s not going to negatively impact your interview process.


If you need some help preparing for Skype interviews (or any kind of interview for that matter), feel free to check out our range of other inspiring career advice articles right now!