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Six great part-time remote jobs to boost your income this year

If you are currently looking for remote jobs to help boost your income during these uncertain economic times, you’ll be happy to know that there are quite a lot of options available. Depending on your skills, experience and the time you have on hand, you might be able to land a job that eventually replaces your full-time office job!

Of course, Adzuna is always the best place to start looking for a job, but before you do, think about really interests you. This will ensure you apply for roles that accommodate your availability and specific needs.

Whether you’re looking to supplement your current income, expand your skillset or just grow your network, remote jobs that are done on a part-time basis can help you achieve those goals!


Here are six great remote jobs you might want to consider for your job search!


Customer support agent

Remote jobs for customer support agents are ideal for people that are natural problem solvers. Since a lot of these jobs involve online work, it should be quite easy to find a job you can do from home. With flexible schedules, jobs like these allow you to work during times that suit you best.


Freelance writer

There is (and probably always will be) high demand for great written digital content optimized for SEO and it’s something that all sizes of companies need on an ongoing basis. Working as a freelance writer will see you outsourcing your services to clients that need to improve websites, blogs, eBooks, white papers and even marketing copy strategies. With the right kind of experience, you could be earning quite a lot in just a few hours per week.


Social media manager

Companies need social media to help them stay connected to their audiences now more than ever. This means that a lot of companies are improving their social media impact and as such, need talented individuals to help them reach their marketing goals. If you feel like you’ve got the savvy to help brands get to the next level, perhaps this is the best time ever to consider a role in social media marketing.



We’re talking about the virtual kind here since that’s all our current situation allows for. The novel coronavirus has hit education pretty hard in in-person learning is something that very few students have access to right now. If you’ve got tutoring experience, now is the time to help students stay on track with their studies while also earning an extra income. Since most students are embracing remote learning at the moment, schedules for remote jobs like these tend to be very flexible and parents are happy to pay more for the best tutors on the block.


Data Entry

There have been a lot of scammy job offers in the past that involved data entry, but if you find a legitimate opportunity, it can really help boost your income and keep you afloat in these times. Data entry jobs can be done online and to land a role in the field you’ll need to be able to type fast and efficiently. Some roles within data entry will require specialised skills like knowledge of a certain sector, but there are also a lot of non-specialised positions out there for general data entry.

Brand Ambassador

Instagram and Facebook are huge social media platforms and big brands are leveraging them to help promote brand awareness among their target audiences, which means that social media influencers are high in demand. As an influencer (a.k.a. brand ambassador), you’ll be communicating with a brand’s audience on social media and providing them with product benefits. If you’ve got a knack for engaging with others online, have a lot of followers on your social media accounts and have a bubbly personality, this might be the ideal job for you!