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How 2020’s graduates can prepare for job opportunities of tomorrow

If you’re wrapping up your studies this year, things might be looking less than great as far as job opportunities for 2021 are concerned. Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it seemed as though our job market was transforming into an employee-led landscape.

But now, campuses are empty. You probably have classes on Zoom, and graduation ceremonies might not happen in a physical environment this year. Chances are you’ll be graduating into a recession as the job market adapts and adjust to social distancing.

How to stay positive about job opportunities after you graduate

Yes, there is uncertainty, but all is not lost. With the right mental attitude, you can stay positive and proactive about job hunting in these trying times. Here’s how:

Identify the career path you want to follow

If you still don’t know which career path you want to follow, now is the time to figure it out. Reflect on the work experience you’ve gained over the years. Write down your strengths and consider the industries and roles that match them. Make sure to write down your hard and soft skills like tech literacy, communication, organisational, character and leadership skills.

You might also want to consider what you’ve learned from extracurricular activities. When you combine all your skills and experience, you might be surprised to learn that you bring more to the table than you thought!

Broaden your horizons to find more job opportunities

Companies might bot have openings that match your experience and skills, but most people won’t be able to land their ideal jobs right now once they graduate. Even in the past, a lot of people never ended up working in their field of study anyway.

You need to be open-minded about your job-seeking efforts and apply to jobs even though they’re not what you always dreamed of doing. Industries like logistics, education, health care and retail need employees that can pivot and apply their strengths and skills to the jobs that are available right now.

Remember that lockdown doesn’t limit location

Lockdown restricts us on things like interprovincial travel at the moment, which is why it might be hard to plan a relocation right now. But this too shall pass. Now is the time to adapt and expand your search by looking for remote working opportunities.

Most South African companies are operating remotely and even continuing their remote interviewing and onboarding processes, so you might land a job in Cape Town even if you’re based in Pretoria at the moment.

Need more help?

If you’re in need of help in the graduate job department, Adzuna is the perfect place to start looking! We list all the graduate job opportunities in one place, making it easier for you to find the jobs that fit your skills and experience! You can also set up job alerts, so you’ll know the moment a new job is posted.