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High-paying female careers for South African women

All jobs aren’t equal, and as you might well know, the gender pay gap is something that persists. The good news, however, is that some industries prefer hiring and pay top salaries to fearless females in senior positions. Curious about the top high-paying female careers that offer women the best earning potential?  Here’s a look at your options.

Top paying female careers


Offering advice on medication usage and dispensing medications to patients, pharmacists can be employed in a range of settings. Since these positions require employees to hold a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, they’re high-ranking and top paying female careers.

Average salary: R560,000 per year

Nurse Practitioner

Another top paying medical female career, nurse practitioners coordinate patient care. These professionals work independently or with other physicians to provide primary or speciality care. Also referred to as advanced practice registered nurses, these professionals need a master’s degree in their field of study to earn top salaries.

Average salary: R490,000 per year

Information System Manager

You might not think that IT is a field that typically hires women, but if you’ve got the right credentials and experience, a role as an Information System Manager might help you earn more than your male peers. If you land an IT Manager position, you’ll oversee devising, coordinating, implementing, and analysing computer-related projects.

Average salary: R570,000 per year


A lot of women are employed in South Africa’s law sector, and with good reason. After completing a bachelor’s degree and training, female attorneys counsel and represent their clients on legal issues and disputes.

Average salary: R606,000 per year


Engineering is yet another field that doesn’t come across as female-oriented, but it is by no means a career that women cannot pursue. Women that have completed their studies can specialise in areas like civil, mechanical, computer, electrical, or chemical engineering. It is essential to keep in mind that earnings for these roles vary depending on the engineering discipline an individual specialises in.

Average salary: R620,000 per year

Human Resource Manager

It’s not uncommon to find a woman behind the wheel of a company’s HR department, and with the right skills and experience, this can be a very lucrative career avenue for females. HR managers oversee recruitment, interviews, and hiring of new employees within a company. They’re also involved in other aspects of employee relations like payroll, benefits, and training.

Average salary: R620,000 per year


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