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CV Writing Advice: From Zero To Hero

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Nailing your CV is the most important initial hurdle when it comes to job hunting. This is the first time your future employer will meet you so making a good first impression is key. We’re not just talking snazzy design features, we’re talking about a CV that flaunts your value and emphasizes what you can bring to the table.

Firstly, let us not forget that you only have the best part of 30 seconds to get your point across. The busy hiring manager has an endless stack of CVs to get through and limited amount of time and attention. Be concise. Make sure your key selling points jump off the page and are not buried in a world of text.

Want to show off on your CV? Here are our best tips to get you there.

1. Punchy Profile Summary


This should be front and center at the top of your CV. In no more that 3 or 4 lines this is your opportunity to shine the spotlight on the important skills and relevant experience. Think clearly about what the job is and write a value proposition explaining what you can bring the the table.

How best to do this? Work out what the key performance indicators are for this specific job. For example in sales, this would be exceeding targets and outperforming your colleagues. For manufacturing, the key performance indicator would be nailing productivity and reducing waste.

Your future employer is looking for most talented candidate so make sure you tell them exactly how that is you. For example try starting with something like ‘Over 10 years of success exceeding quota and earning Top Ranks for Sales Performance”

curriculum-vitae-0072. Capitalize on your Capabilities

Create a capabilities section that includes all the required qualifications and skills included in the job advertisement. Many employers now use a software that scans and scores your CV based on specific keywords. So the inclusion of a capabilities section is an easy way to get a high ranking.

3. Work ExperienceCartoon-an-intern-struggl-006

In the section where you detail your work experience, you have to do more than simply describing your past roles. Make a point to include examples of successes and accomplishments to verify how good you were at your job giving your employer. This will give your future employer a good idea of how you can help them.

Working out your value proposition is not the easiest thing in the world We recommend brainstorming a few bullet points and then elaborate from that. Including compelling evidence such as this in your CV is one sure way to guarantee you get the call back.