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Why temporary employment is ideal right now

Temporary employment is a great way to prepare you for your future career, and in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, these roles have become even more sought-after. If you’re trying to line up extra income, a non-permanent position might be the ideal solution to your problem.

Why you should consider temporary employment

With so many businesses being forced to retrench staff, temporary employees will be even more in demand in the coming weeks and months. That’s why it makes sense to find a temporary job now, so it’ll be easier for you to jump from one short-term position to the other while also expanding your skill set and adding value to your CV.

Adzuna currently lists more than 2000 part-time and temporary positions across the country, making this the ideal time to start applying for roles that might boost your chances of securing a permanent position in the future.

Here are the top temporary positions on offer in SA

Adzuna has identified some of the most common and widely available temporary jobs in South Africa. These include:

Part-time retail jobs

Even during the hardest of lockdown stages, retail stores in South Africa were operational. At the moment, there is a demand for extra staff to ensure the shelves stay stocked, and customers are served as efficiently as possible. Potential roles in the sector include supermarket assistants, merchandisers, and warehouse staff. To land a job in retail, you’ll need basic literacy and numeracy skills and the ability to work in shifts. Some previous customer-facing experience will be a bonus.

Temporary admin positions

Temporary employment within the administrative and clerical sector provides much-needed support to businesses during these trying times. If you want to work as a part-time secretary or administrator, you should have excellent intrapersonal skills, be reliable and have clerical experience that includes IT savvy and typing skills. Typical roles available in this niche include virtual assistants, receptionist, and personal assistants.

No-experience shift jobs

If you don’t have any experience in a specific industry or ever worked as a skilled employee before, you’ll need to start building from the ground up in a no-experience-required,  entry-level role. You’ll be looking at roles like cleaners, packing assistants, and warehouse production staff. A willingness to learn, good work ethic and punctuality are the minimum requirements for landing a job that doesn’t require previous experience.

Temp driving roles

Courier companies in South Africa are busier than they have ever been before, which creates a window of opportunity for anyone looking to secure a temporary role as a driver. If you can’t land a break with a courier company, you can always broaden your search to food delivery services and moving companies. Obviously, you’ll need a valid driving licence to become a temporary driver, but you’ll also need to be able to demonstrate your communication skills.

Final thoughts

Your ability to find temporary employment during these challenging times depends on the kind of job you’re applying for and your ability to demonstrate you are suitable for the role. Contracting might just be the best thing you can do for the future of your career right now since it’ll help you gain valuable transferable skills, practice your communication, and add relevant experience to your CV. Once you’re ready to start job hunting, head over to Adzuna, where we list all the jobs in one place, making it that much easier to find and apply for a position that can open up new doors for you!