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What are telecommute jobs, and are they right for you?

With more and more South Africans searching for remote working opportunities, there has been a rise in the demand for telecommute jobs. When you telecommute, it merely means you work from a remote location.

When you enter into a telecommute contract with an employer, you might be hired part-time or permanently. But what exactly are your employment options, and are these remote working positions really lucrative?

Adzuna did some digging to get behind the truth. Even though there’s more economic activity now compared to April this year, work-from-home positions are still in high demand. If you’re a little sceptical about returning to the office, a home-based position might be your ideal fit. Here’s a look at your career options:

Top telecommute jobs for job seekers

Customer care agent

Customer care agents are natural problem solvers, and since these jobs involve a lot of online work, they’re ideal telecommute jobs. The great thing about being employed in a role like this is that the schedules are flexible, allowing you to work during slots that fit your schedule.


The demand for great copywriters will always be high, and opportunities stretch far and wide from small businesses to multi-national organisations. If you’ve got a knack for writing gripping content, have experience in SEO best practise, and preferably some knowledge on systems like WordPress, you might be able to find a great position working from home.


Even though schools are reopening in drips and drabs, there isn’t a lot of certainty about what the rest of this academic year will look like. Many parents are now turning to home-schooling. But a lot of them cannot commit to tutoring their own kids. If you have experience in teaching and a degree to prove your worth, a remote tutor position could see you earning quite a lot of money in just a few hours a week.

Data capturing

A legitimate data capturing role can be an excellent opportunity if you are looking to boost your income with telecommute jobs. Most of these positions entail data processing, so to be the best in the business, you’ll need to be able to type fast and work independently. Although there are some very specialised roles out there, there are a hand-full of data capturing positions that do not require specialised experience.

Need some help?

It’s safe to say that telecommuting jobs do not pay as much as office jobs since employers are looking to cut costs wherever possible by hiring remote staff. But if you are comfortable with taking a relative pay cut in order to keep working from home safely, Adzuna is the best place to start exploring your options!