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Everything you need to know about upskilling

Most South Africans are looking to improve their skills and keep themselves relevant in these uncertain times. This is what is referred to as upskilling, which is not the same as reskilling. While reskilling revolves around retraining yourself for a new career, upskilling is all about improving your existing skills to improve your performance in your current line of work.

Why upskilling matters

When you fine-tune your existing skills, it benefits you as employee and benefits your employer. As you grow and develop your skills in the workplace, you’re deepening your understanding of the company. In this way, you align your skills with the business, which improves your creative and problem-solving skills.

Upskilling is most beneficial for older employees that want to stay up to date with tech advances and new business processes. It’s also a powerful way to stay in the loop of industry changes, automation, and adaptation to the ever-changing work environment.

Without constant learning and growth, career progression just isn’t possible. Even if you don’t have any specific career ambitions in mind, upskilling programs can still be beneficial for the future of your career. Digital, financial, and other essential programs can help expand and broaden your knowledge of the industry.

How to find courses and programs to upskill yourself

The good news is that finding the right programs and courses is very easy. Your current employer might already have in-house programs in offer. If not, a quick online search can point you in the right direction.

Most courses focus on digital skills, and since a lot of roles are at risk of becoming obsolete due to automation, it’s essential to learn as much about technology as possible. While some programs and courses come at a premium price, there are also a lot of free online resources that can help you upskill in the digital arena.

💡Google Digital Garage – This free digital skills training course helps you understand how to use Google tools. They also offer classes on digital marketing, consumer behaviour, and self-promotion.

💡 iDEA – Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award offers free mini-courses that help individuals improve their digital skills. If you’re keen on learning more about cybersecurity, digital ethics, and e-safety (to name but just a few), this is a great place to start.

💡Coursera Python Basics – Learn to Program is a crash course in the programming language Python. Offered by the University of Toronto, this course is excellent for anyone looking to unlock the world of programming. For individuals that want to learn how to write fun and useful programs with Python, this course is highly recommended.

Final thoughts

Regardless of which kind of upskilling program you choose, it might just be the most beneficial thing you’ll ever do for your career progression and personal growth.  You can also browse Adzuna’s collection of great career advice articles if you’re looking for even more ways to keep yourself relevant and marketable for the future!