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How to land your first job

Are you looking to land your first job after graduating but don’t have any experience to get your foot in the door? You’re not alone. Graduate anxiety is a common issue that most newbies in the job market face. You’ve taken the time to gain relevant a relevant qualification, but you might have no practical experience. The good news is that not all employers are looking for years of experience and academic qualifications. Here’s how to get over that hurdle and find an opportunity to get you off the ground!

Tips to land your first job

Polish your CV

This tip seems like common sense but spending time on your CV is essential if you’re going to find suitable employment. Check that your references are relevant and contactable and always include a personalised cover letter when applying for a role. A “to whom it may concern” greeting won’t cut it in today’s tech-driven world. Do your research on LinkedIn and make sure you’re addressing the hiring manager personally and professionally.

Use a tactical approach

Did you know that the best day of the week to start job hunting is on a Monday? On the first day of the week, you’ll be fresh and revitalised, and hiring managers are also more likely to post new jobs at the start of the week. If you do get invited to an interview, always try and secure an early-morning slot. This demonstrates your keenness and ability to be punctual and also ensure you’re set to meet with an energised interviewer that’ll be keen to meet you.

Be ready for those questions

Give three examples of how you’re a team player. Now that you’ve answered that, do you have any questions to ask the interviewer in response? You’ll need to be amiable and engaging during the interview while also demonstrating that you’re interested in what is being said. Make sure you prepare some questions for the interviewer that’ll highlight your interest in the role and general knowledge of the company.

Search for graduate-specific vacancies

Tailoring your first job search to pick out vacancies that are specifically targeted at recent graduates will put you ahead of your competitors. Adzuna lets you search for graduate roles across a variety of sectors and demographical areas. The average salary for graduate jobs in South Africa currently stands at around R530,000 per year, and Adzuna has more than 4,000 of them listed in one place! Of course, you can filter those listings by your preferred salary range, location, and contract type to find the job of your dreams!

Final thoughts

You’ve been committed enough to complete several years of study in preparation for your dream job. As a new graduate, you’re only at the start of your career’s journey, and the opportunities are endless. If you’re still studying and looking for ways to earn an income on a part-time basis, we have some great advice on that too!